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Soul Food: Are You Getting Yours?

Updated: May 24, 2020

Just like we feed the mind and body each day with foods full of nutrients that provide energy, the soul needs to be fueled in very similar ways. By making an effort to eat healthier to make our body feel better, we have learned how to fuel our soul subconsciously as these two tasks go hand in hand with one another.

What is Soul Food? Soul food is a term that describes the way that we feed and nourish our spiritual beings. Whether it be the spiritual practices we add to our daily routines or the specific food choices we make to feel nourished, soul food appears in many different aspects of our lives. When you provide your body with healthy choices and replace things like donuts, pizza, and cookies with whole grains, veggies, and fruit, your body feels more energetic and alive. When you replace the Netflix and video games with daily spiritual practices, your soul begins to do the same and your spirit becomes more vibrant. Below are a few examples of “soul food” that can help you to awaken your spirit and connect with nature and your surroundings. Start a Journal Taking time each day to write about whatever may be flowing through your mind is a great way to connect with your spirit and understand the way your mind works. You will be more accepting of your thoughts and will not feel like they are bottled up inside. By writing in a journal every day and making it a routine, you will be able to analyze the journey of your emotions and the way your soul develops over time. You will also be able to release the worries that are built up inside of you and discover your true self. Start with writing a couple of things you are grateful for, something that may be stressing you out that you would like to improve, and a couple of goals you have each day is a great way to start journaling and have a sense of structure in your writing. As you continue to write each day, your thoughts will flow more freely, and journaling will become more natural. Deep Breathing Meditation is by far the most important way to get the soul food you have been searching for. Connecting with your breath and letting go of your surroundings allows you to understand your true spirit and listen to it in order to nourish it properly. When you practice meditation every day, you will learn to be present in the moment and let go of things that are out of your control. You will also be able to reflect within yourself which is a great way to let go of the negative self-talk. Taking time each day to clear the mind and listen to the soul will improve nearly every component of your day and is the most important way to develop personally. You may want to start with a guided meditation if you feel that your mind tends to wander, and you have a hard time sitting still. Even though a voice will be talking throughout, you will still feel connected to your spirit very quickly and will become better at clearing the mind through practice. Journaling and meditation are two of the most crucial ways to nourish the soul and spirit. By adding these practices into your daily life, you will feel more alive and energized over time and will gain a greater understanding of your true self. Soul food is important in every aspect of your life and focusing on providing for the soul allows for a greater sense of satisfaction in life.

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